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At Mark Medical Care, we provide high-quality, personalized treatment for varicose veins, spider veins, varicose ulcers, uterine fibroid embolization, and aesthetic care.

Mark Medical Care

Since 2012, we have been serving the residents of New York and have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality medical services at a competitive cost.

About Dr. Ron Mark The Varicose Veins Doctor

Mark Medical Care was founded by Dr. Ron Mark, a board-certified physician and vascular surgeon who specializes in varicose veins treatment. Highly experienced and exceptionally skilled, Dr. Mark is among the select group of pre-eminent physicians who are licensed to practice medicine in all 50 states in the country.

Dr. Mark established Mark Medical Care in an effort to provide safe and effective varicose vein treatments to those who need it the most. Our treatments range from injectable sclerotherapy to body sculpting that are personalized to meet the specific needs of every patient.

Pertaining to his expertise and his track record of excellence in the field of varicose vein treatment, Dr. Mark is often referred to as ‘The Vein Doctor’, a nickname rightfully earned.

Dr. Ron Mark The Varicose Veins Doctor, posing for a picture - Mark Medical Care

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Expertise in Varicose Veins, Spider Veins Treatment, Uterine Fibroid Care, and Aesthetics

We have a team of board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians who specialize in radiology and have extensive experience in treating varicose leg veins and other related conditions caused by venous insufficiency and circulation problems. In place of traditional vein stripping, our vascular specialists offer high-precision and less invasive solutions to resolve vein issues.

Our team also specializes in fibroid uterine embolization, a way to treat the medical condition without surgery. And we also offer cosmetic and aesthetic treatments for the face and body.

Passion to Deliver the Highest Level of Medical Services

We believe that the greatest measure of our success as a medical treatment center is the extent to which our clients are satisfied with our services. It’s why we strive to provide the highest possible level of medical services to each and every patient, every single time. Our team will evaluate your skin condition and risk factors, and offer you the most effective treatment options to achieve the best outcomes. Our physicians and physician assistants are also Spanish-speaking and are proud to provide a high level of care to the Spanish-speaking community.

DR. RON MARK “The Vein Doctor” smiling - Mark Medical Care

Personalized Care and Tailored Treatments

We understand that different clients might require different treatments – depending on their health, age, the size and severity of the existing varicose veins or uterine fibroids, overall health condition, and several other factors. It’s why we assess each and every client carefully and devise a personalized treatment plan that meets their unique needs.

Our personalized treatment plans are designed to treat varicose veins and make sure they do not reappear. We also recommend lifestyle modifications to our clients to improve their blood flow and to reduce their risk of developing varicose veins, twisted veins, vein disease, blood clot formation, and other related conditions.

State of the Art Medical Facilities

Our medical centers have the necessary infrastructure and equipment needed to treat a wide range of conditions. We keep track of the latest developments and innovations in our field, adopt best practices, and use advanced equipment to provide the highest possible level of treatment and care to our clients. We also ensure that all patients are comfortable and relaxed while receiving treatment.

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