Dr. Ron Mark answers your questions

Is it true that injections to treat spider veins cause them to come out more?
Dr. Ron Mark: Sclerotherapy is a procedure that uses injections to treat spider veins, and it is impossible for these injections to produce new capillaries after their implementation. This myth arises because some patients suffer from internal circulation issues that must be treated before undergoing a sclerotherapy procedure.
The medical recommendation, in all cases, is for patients to have a sonogram before the procedure to rule out problems in their circulation. After performing the sonogram, injections are a safe option.
Can I go to work the day after my procedures?
Dr. Ron Mark: After any procedure, the patient can return to his/her daily activities by carefully following the instructions given by the aesthetic professional, such as not lifting more than 20 pounds, or performing exhaustive exercise. It is also recommended to use compression stockings to maintain proper blood flow, as well as avoid direct sun exposure for the next 7 weeks.
Is it true that varicose veins affect only elderly women?
Dr. Ron Mark: The answer to this question is no. The main cause of varicose veins is family inheritance. If your parents suffered from this condition, you have between a 40% and 50% chance of suffering from it too. In our offices, we have patients in their 20s who are already experiencing symptoms of pain, itching, tingling, and cramps.
Other risk factors that increase the chances of suffering from varicose veins at an early age are: lack of physical activity, being overweight, suffering from hypertension, standing or sitting for a long time, the use of some contraceptives, and varicose veins that appear after pregnancy.
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