Is hair loss normal during fall season?

Hair loss during fall

Hair loss during fall season can affect a large number of people. According to some experts, during this season the hair follicle begins a renewal process and therefore some people may notice they lose more hair than usual when they bathe or comb their hair.

The change of season, and having fewer hours of sun exposure, in addition to the temperature change, could be some causes associated with hair loss during fall.

Hair loss may also be related to other factors such as stress, genetics, metabolic processes, and vitamin deficiency.

Hair massages can be of great help to prepare for the changes of this season and maintain a healthy and strong hair. They increase blood supply to the follicles stimulating hair growth.

In addition to hair massages and vitamin supplements, aesthetic medicine offers different treatments to help us with hair loss. One of these treatments is the cell renewal with platelet-rich plasma.

What Platelet Rich Plasma Consists Of:

  • During this treatment, the specialist draws blood from the patient, then separates the plasma rich in platelets and injects it into the scalp using microneedles.
  • The plasma acts progressively by stimulating the hair follicle to produce new strong and healthy hair.
  • This procedure is safe as platelet-rich plasma comes from the patient, avoiding the risk of infections or allergies.


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