How should i care for my skin according to my age?

How should i care for my skin according to my age

The purpose of this article is to suggest a routine of care and maintenance of the skin according to the age and its particular needs. It also seeks to highlight the importance of initiating care, at an early age to prevent premature aging.



Between 20 and 30 years old the skin is in its best condition. In general, juvenile acne has disappeared and the skin is firm, with no expression lines, even with a blushed tone.
In this stage, the skin only needs correct cleaning, constant hydration, and sunscreen.


First Visible Signs Of Aging:

During this decade, the first visible signs of aging may surface. The skin begins to lose collagen and elastin causing some fine lines to appear.
This would be the best time to include anti-aging products into your routine.


Deep Wrinkles

At this stage, exfoliation is a key factor to include in the cleaning and maintenance process, since stimulating cellular turnover is the main objective. The emergence of deeper expression lines requires a corrective treatment that brings back volume and firmness to the skin


The Key: Reaffirm Your Skin

During this decade is when the first symptoms of menopause usually start and although each woman’s biological response is different, it’s probable that the skin will suffer from the effects of the decreasing hormonal activity.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a medical consultation.

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