Dr. Ron Mark answers your questions

01 Oct, 2020 Web

Is it true that injections to treat spider veins cause them to come out more? Dr....

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benefits of compression stockings

5 benefits of compression Stockings

29 Apr, 2020 Web

Here five important benefits: 1 Improve circulation: Compression stockings put pressure on the lower legs to...

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Hair loss

A natural solution for hair loss!

17 Apr, 2020 Web

Types of alopecia Areata: It is a disease that causes circular patches of hair loss. Fibrosing:...

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Dermal fillers

Youthful looking hands

17 Apr, 2020 Web

Visit a medical professional Due to the number of tendons and nerves located in the hands,...

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Compression stockings

Compression stockings go with the rhythm of fashion!

17 Apr, 2020 Web

The game of colors If the intention of the wearer is to conceal the use of...

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Varicose Veins - Mark Medical Care - Hollywood

Varicose Veins in Hollywood – Mark Medical Care

09 Apr, 2020 Web

EMMA THOMPSON The British actress, widely renowned in the 90s and Oscar award winner for the...

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