Supporting the Hispanic community holds high value and meaning to Dr. Ron Mark. As a child of immigrants, he understands the difficulties associated with adapting to a new country and its culture. For that reason, and through his medical center, Dr. Mark continually contributes to different non-profit organizations in the area and supports their shared mission of reaching the community by offering different services, activities, and events that enrich the culture and traditions of the Hispanic community in New York. Since his years as a student at the University of Guadalajara, Dr. Mark has admired the resilience of the Latino community. He feels great satisfaction being able to serve them, and enjoys getting to know each of his Hispanic patients and their unique stories.

Since the age of six, Dr. Mark’s biggest dream in life was to become a doctor. Born of immigrant parents in Boston, Massachusetts, he began his medical studies at Boston University. There he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical engineering, and later earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, where he was granted the Student of the Year award. Then, Dr. Mark went on to obtain his certification as a Family Physician from Columbia University and completed a second residency in Radiology at Bridgeport Hospital, a hospital affiliated with Yale University. Bridgeport was where Dr. Mark completed his Endovenous Laser Ablation training to treat problems of venous circulation deficiency and varicose veins. During his studies, Dr. Mark was awarded Intern of the Year and also received an award for his compassionate treatment of both his patients and his fellow staff. Lastly, he completed a subspecialty in Magnetic Resonance Imaging creating Cardiac and Vascular protocols at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Since then, Dr. Mark has become one of the few doctors licensed in all XNUMX states.