Body Flaccidity
Btl Exilis Ultra

BTL Exilis Ultra is the treatment used to tone the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms.

Our Body Flaccidity Service

BTL Exilis Ultra™ is the first non-invasive aesthetic device that uses radiofrequency and ultrasound energy simultaneously to penetrate the internal adipose tissues to destroy them while penetrating the superficial tissues improving the quality of the skin to tone it. The combination of these two energies allows administering a safer, more comfortable therapy, with consistent results for a wide range of patients of different ages, body mass indexes, and skin types.

How does BTL Exilis Ultra work?

Thanks to its flow control system and power modification and cooling, BTL Exilis Ultra™ works from the deepest to the most superficial tissue.

The ultrasound waves separate the fat into small fragments causing fat cells to be eliminated. Therefore, this treatment is useful to treat flaccidity, shape the body, reduce cellulite, and achieve a more toned body.

The BTL technology protocol indicates a 6-session treatment. However, each patient is different, so we recommend a consultation visit to evaluate each particular case.

The complete treatment (6 sessions) can be done once a year to maintain the results obtained with the first treatment, and to contribute to the continuous fat loss.

With this treatment, the results are visible from the first 2 sessions. However, the general recommendation is to complete a 6-session treatment. It is essential to clarify that the results in each patient are different, so we recommend a consultation visit to evaluate each particular case.
The treatment lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The complete treatment (of 6 sessions) can be carried out once a year to maintain the results obtained with the first treatment and contribute to the continuous loss of fat.

People with oily skin should have a monthly cleaning.
  • Getting healthy eating habits and increase water consumption to at least 8 glasses a day
  • Start an exercise routine that combines aerobic and toning exercises
  • During the treatment, it is essential to hydrate before and after each session, since water is the main component to destroy and eliminate fat cells.

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