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Dr Ron Mark, The Vein Doctor, and his team of experts at Mark Medical Care, where your varicose veins have a solution!

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Our priority at Mark Medical Care is and will always be, the health of our patients; that is why we offer procedures such as Endovenous Laser Treatment, Varithena (Endovenous Chemical Treatment), Phlebectomy and Sclerotherapy which are procedures that help patients take back control of their health and give them newfound confidence, ending with varicose veins and their unsightly appearance, because at Mark Medical Care, your varicose veins DO have a solution!

A doctor, dministering treatment to a patient's leg-Mark Medical Care

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

A minimally invasive surgical treatment to treat Venous Insufficiency.

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Sclerotherapy Treatment

Consists of injecting a sterile sclerosing solution into the visible veins.

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Microphlebectomy Treatment

This procedure removes thick veins visible on the skin surface.

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Microfoam Treatment

The varicose veins collapse and diminish in size, eliminating pain.

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Varicose ulcer treatment

Also known as leg sores and, can cause several complications.

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Over 20 years restoring healthy veins

Specializing in varicose vein treatments, Mark Medical Care serves the community throughout New York with unparalleled service, leading-edge treatment options, and a bilingual staff that always puts patients first.

Utilizing innovative approaches to varicose veins and other vein-related issues, Mark Medical Care is able to help patients take back control of their health and give them newfound confidence, eliminating varicose veins and their unsightly appearance.

Experience life changing results, some of our clients

Here are a few clients, experience on our services and how their lives has changed by Mark Medical Care

Highly recommended, the secretaries, all the staff are super respectful, polite and professional.

Dr. Mark to and his employees every one treat patients very nice, and make patients feel nice throughout the treatment. Which is really not too painful. Maybe a little bit of wait but with a nice atmosphere.

Ivette G.

I went to this location because I wanted to know about a good treatment for me. I have pain in my legs and heavy feeling. I have noticed varicose veins in my right leg. I felt very comfortable during the appointment, the location was so clean and the staff was polite and they explained the medical process to me.

Jairo L.

Mark medical are expert in treating fibroid and other vein related disorder. My experience in this facility was great, and the staffs were well knowledgeable of my treatment. In addition, the staffs were very kind and their bedside manner was good. I will surely recommend friends and family to Mark medical. Thanks for a job well done.

Charity E.

Excellent service, attention and collaboration in all the procedures. I am very grateful and satisfied with my procedure.

Clara M.

Very good attention since you enter Mark Medical Care, sincerely thank you very much for the professional people, an excellent job, keep it up.

Mitchel M.

I loved my experience. My face was beautiful, they made me feel very good and with the help of the front desk lady who was very kind and good people, she helped me a lot

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