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Do you offer treatments for hair loss?

At Mark Medical Care, we offer a Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss. It is a non-invasive treatment that promotes hair growth using the platelet-rich plasma found in the patient’s blood. The process consists of obtaining a sample of blood from the patient, separating the plasma from the blood through centrifugation, and injecting it into the scalp using the microneedling technique.
After each session, the platelet-rich plasma continues to work progressively, and stimulates the hair follicle to produce strong and healthy hair. It is recommended that patients include green leafy vegetables in their diet before each session of the treatment in order to obtain a better quality of plasma.

Should I shave before my laser hair removal appointment?

We recommend that two (2) days before a laser hair removal session, the patient shaves the area to be treated with a razor or shaving machine. A couple of days later at their appointment, it should be possible to observe the hairs in the process of growing back again. This way the laser machine can identify the hair color and eliminate them without damaging the surrounding skin.

May I go to work after a Facial Peel?

A Facial Peel is a process in which the most superficial layer of the skin is removed to eliminate dead cells and give way to a much healthier skin. It is a recommended treatment for sun spots or fine lines.
After a facial peel treatment, the skin will begin its normal peeling process. This may take up to 7 days, or however long necessary for the dead skin to be completely removed. It is a personal decision whether the patient wants to go to work the day following their facial peel or not.
Recommendation: Many of our patients prefer to schedule their facial peel treatments around the beginning of the weekend, such as Thursdays and Fridays, allowing themselves more time to avoid sun exposure before returning to work.
Avoiding sun exposure is very important following a facial peel. The patient should increase the application of sunscreen and use a hat to protect the skin from the effects of direct sunlight.
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