Goodbye to inner thighs fat

Inner thighs fat

Inner thighs fat excess creates discomfort in most women; rubbing between the legs due to the accumulation of fatty tissue usually irritates and darkening this area of the body.

Here are three simple exercises that will help reduce fat and strengthen the abductors:

  • 1 Open and close the legs:

Lying on your back, raise your legs and start the movement by opening and closing them. Maintain a constant motion. It is recommended to do four sets of 15 or 20 repetitions.

  • 2 Exercise with one leg:

To activate the inner part of the legs, you should lie on your back. For this exercise, flex one leg and keep the other one stretched up, then take it from side to side. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. It is recommended to do three sets of 15 repetitions per leg.

  • 3 Sumo squats:

for this exercise, you must turn your feet outward to achieve a broader range of motion and activate the abductors. Perform a 90-degree squat and keep your back straight. It is recommended to do three or four sets of 15 repetitions.

Extra help:


Is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that helps reduce measurements and tone areas of the body such as abductors, abdomen, waist, buttocks, and arms.
Its radiofrequency and ultrasound technology eliminates fatty tissue while stimulating muscle contraction to achieve a toned body. If you want to lose measurements in the abductors, this aesthetic device is one of the most recommended by specialists. The patient must have at least four or six sessions, depending on the desired results.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a medical consultation.

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