Prepare for your Virtual Medical Appointment

Virtual Medical Appointment Maintaining contact with your doctor during COVID19 has been possible thanks to technological advances; virtual consultation or telemedicine is here.

How does a virtual medical appointment work?

Patients will receive a phone call from the specialist, who will be attentive to resolve their concerns and identify their symptoms.

Virtual Appointments are scheduled for 15 to 20 minutes of conversation.

Does a virtual medical appointment replace a physical appointment ?

A virtual appointment is a complement to physical appointments (face-to-face); however, it does not replace the traditional consultation. During a virtual consultation, patients can ask and receive some medical recommendations from the specialist. At the end of the virtual appointment, patients should schedule an in-person appointment to obtain a complete medical condition diagnosis.

Is the cost of the virtual appointment covered by medical insurance?

Yes, most health insurance nationwide are offering to cover the cost of your virtual consultation. People without health insurance can receive more information through the customer service department.

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